Prior to running the agent install task, verify the Device Name is correct for the device(s) you are attempting to install to: Agent install fails because UDD didn't discover host name correctly Verify UAC is turned off Try installing the agent on a different OS? Note that you need to build a separate agent configuration for Windows Server OS's, Windows OS's, and Windows Embedded OS's (WES).

Does the client you are trying to install the agent on already have a LANDesk agent?

If it does, as a test you may want to run the Uninstall Win Client task on it, followed by another install attempt to see if the issue only occurs during the agent upgrade.

Build a self-contained agent on your core and copy it to the client and manually run it. If so then that will at least prove that the files in THAT exe are good.

Be sure that the self contained EXE that you are using is current, if you are using a 2 year old exe then it will not have the same files that you are trying to push the agent with.

In some rare cases we have seen issues with "Rebuild All" from the console so running this from a command prompt might help you.

To rebuild all from a command prompt, go to the \LANDesk\Management Suite folder, and run this command: Create Client /rebuild Note -- Check to see that the ldlogon directory on the core has updated time stamps for these files after doing the rebuild.

To view the agent MSI you will need an MSI editing tool, I like to use Orca from Microsoft.

Typical size for an is about 310KB and anything smaller could indicate a problem.

Using errors Imagine you're a project manager, and one of the data sources you've been using to process a large number of files has been throwing a lot of errors due to a failed attempt to extract a file from the RAR archive.

You need to find out exactly what data source is problematic because you need to know what custodian is attached to that source, as well as that source's path.

These should run on the client when the install is happening and could be monitored to watch the progress.