Ask your doctor to use this picture to show you where the cancer is.

The cervix (SER-vix) is the lower part of the uterus (YEW-tuh-rus).

So when cervical cancer spreads to the lung (or any other place), it’s still called cervical cancer.

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It is difficult to imagine a more vulnerable victim,” Sawtelle told Baker.

“You tarnished the badge for police officers everywhere.

Sawtelle spoke of Baker’s “breathtaking deceit” of his department, the Sacramento community and the woman he sexually assaulted in her home.

“This case has to be about ‘Jane Doe.’ She was raped. “You entered her safe haven, her home, the place where she should be the safest.

The condition, called aphasia, factored heavily at trial.

Baker, 52, patrolled the streets of south Sacramento for years as a veteran of more than two decades on the Sacramento police force before allegations of the sexual attacks led to his December 2012 firing and arrest, shocking a community and his colleagues in uniform.It connects the uterus to the vagina (vuh-JIE-nuh), which goes to the outside of the body. Your doctor can tell you more about the kind you have.The most common kind is called squamous cell carcinoma (SKWAY-mus sell CAR-sin-O-mah).Then, you went back again and again and again.” Sawtelle later lauded Doe from the bench Tuesday, calling her struggle to be heard by family and investigators “inspiring.” Baker did not take the stand at trial, but then-defense attorney Linda Parisi argued that Baker and the woman had a casual relationship that included sex.Parisi argued that the woman’s aphasia required family members to try to interpret what she said and meant and that they were often at a loss to do so.“I did not do that.” At sentencing Tuesday, two weeks before another Thanksgiving Day, Joseph Ramos spoke of his mother’s pain and perseverance as a shackled Baker sat silently next to Masuda.