Jasmine performed a group dance at the beginning of the episode where she played the lead.

Later on, her and Aaron teamed up with Tony and Melanie for a dreaded Quickstep.

This week, Jasmine performed a whimsical Broadway group routine.

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The judges praised the duet and complimented Jasmine on her never ending legs.

Humorously, Wayne Brady asks where Jasmine was when he was twenty.

She tried to explain more, but ran out of time and stumbled.

Jasmine and Aaron were teamed up with Sonya Tayeh to do a swampy jazz routine to the song, "Bottom of the River" by Delta Rae.

So far, there have been two female contemporary dancers that strongly stood out to me.

Malece Miller, not only is she a witty speaker, she also has a soft elegance behind her movement and a light in her eyes that draws me in.With the actual live competition show just weeks away, the audition cities we have seen so far (Detroit & Los Angeles) are already showing us promise for another ultra-talented, personality filled, hot and sexy Top 20 summer.Let’s talk about a few stand out moments from an All-Star’s perspective. I absolutely loved the “Great One Eighters” Frantic, Lorenzo, and Eric Chapman.Afterwards, she performed her weekly duet with her partner, Aaron Turner.It was a Broadway routine choreographed by Spencer Liff topicing a detective, Aaron who is investigating Jasmine's death as her spirit appears to Megan Hilty's, "They Just Keep Moving the Line." The judges enjoy the routine, and once again compliment Jasmine's legs. Jasmine first auditioned for season 10 in Atlanta, Georgia.