the thing you wanted from them wasn’t relevant anymore.

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This is usually done by someone who has accumulated (and slacked over) a lot of emails and has failed to respond to many of them.

By declaring email bankruptcy, this person announces to the world that they have technically marked all their email as “Read” and if you haven’t heard back from them, the onus is now on you to email them again to solicit a response IF you deem that your mail was indeed worthy of their purview.

In one of the episodes, the world runs on ratings where everyone rates everyone else and your rating determines whether you get a rental car or a flight ticket or a discount in home rent or heck, even a bed in the hospital.

And in order to get good ratings (even from your kith and kin), every person puts up a fake façade, badly craving that 5 star rating from every conversation or encounter with another human. From the constant bombardment of sensational news (mostly toxic and worry inducing) TO the constant notifications from social media TO the plethora of articles that are waiting to be read TO the humungous amounts of Quora answers to be read TO the millions of opinionated articles shared on YCombinator TO the number of Linked In profiles to be stalked TO the funny posts on reddit to be followed TO the bazillion heavily left-slant social shares on Twitter and Facebook, I think I’ve had enough!

Most of what we want to accomplish right away probably has no bearings in the long term and is probably irrelevant.

Now that I have made it clear about the definition of the term “bankruptcy” here, I’d like to go to make a brave announcement on my blog.

While I haven’t technically deactivated myself on any of these services, I did spend some time deleting all those saved articles on Facebook, Pocket and Feedly thus freeing me off the guilt of not finding the time to read them.

Of course, I did the due diligence of removing relevant apps on my phone and promptly added these websites to the black list on Self Control. I’m not becoming a stoic and closing myself off to the external world. Also to let people know that I’m not reachable through these platforms.

There is evidence that the Taj Mahal was never built by Shah Jahan.